This week on the YB Normal the report is sailfish, one of my favorite fish to target in Ft. Lauderdale, what is not to like with sailfish they jump they have super fast runs and is a trophy fishing considered by many. This week there has been quite a good amount of sailfish around, we have been targeting these fish with light tackle 20lb test yes 20lb test! It is a little bit early in the season for these fish but they are around now and seem to be abundant now we haven’t had much wind so we have had to fish for these fish with different techniques than kite fishing, kite fishing is the best method to target sailfish in Fort Lauderdale but we do need wind in order to deploy a kite, the kite works by grabbing wind to fly and the advantage of the kite is it keeps everything out of the water except the bait fish and the hook this is a very effective technique for large gamefish including sailfish. Since there has been no wind we have been catching live ballyhoo with sabiki rigs and castanets in the mornings of our charters, to fish live ballyhoo we had set up 5 spinning rods with 20lb test main line and 40lb leader as well as a circle hook. We slow troll these live ballyhoo or do whats called bump trolling all the ballyhoos are fished on the surface and we try to start out fishing anywhere we can find clean water, sailfish being an open going fish they don’t tend to like dirty water as much as clean anywhere you can find an edge where clean water meats dirty water there will be sailfish near by. As far as daytime fishing goes thats what we have been targeting there has been a few wahoo this week due to the full moon as well as small blackfin tuna and a few king mackeral.
Night time snapper fishing continues to be very good with some great catches of. yellowtail snapper as well as mangrove and lane snappers we have been doing very good using silversides as well as cut pieces of ballyhoo. We had some nice sized yellowtail and mangrove snappers caught this week around 3-4lbs. As I always say all the snappers are very good eating anyway you cook them night fishing is a great way to beat the heat in the daytime as well as try something new. Whatever kind of fishing you are looking to do we offer it and we have a great crew to help anyone that is new to the sport.

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