This week we have had some really great snapper fishing trips on the YB Normal, we have been limiting out basically every night that we go what I mean by that is we are catching are legal recreational bag limit of snappers on a night time anchor charter. Snapper fishing can be a lot of fun and its very hands on unlike trolling that can sometimes be boring because you are sitting watching the rods waiting for the bite, snapper fishing takes plenty of patience but you have the rod in your hand constantly, all the snapper species we catch on our night charters are very good eating, we have been catching lots of yellowtail snapper, mangrove snapper, and a few mutton snapper, fishing has been very good anywhere on the third reef from 40-70 feet of water anchor accordingly to the wind and tide, and we have been chumming heavily the best bait it seems to be is silversides which are small minnow sized fish that are yellow in color and there sides are shinny, small hooks and light tackle are the best way to go snapper are very smart fish and a lot of times willl look the bait over many times before thinking about striking.
Where there are snappers there are predators, there have been a lot of sharks in the area where we fish for snapper and once they since a fish hooked or in stress they will try to eat it, so best bet is to reel as fast as your tackle will allow to avoid what we call “paying your taxes.” All in all if your looking for a fishing charter to best the heat and maybe even try something different nighttime fishing would be a good choice.
Now as far as daytime fishing goes there has been some very nice kingfish around as well as plenty of barracudas and some small blackfin tuna and the occasional sailfish, we have been doing best with our normal trolling spread of planners and strip baits as well as surface baits, most of our action has been on the planners, Jimmy pictured is a war veteran who chartered us for his first deep sea fishing outing in a very long time, he caught his first kingfish as well as barracuda one of the kingfish he caught was almost 20lbs, he learned a lot about fishing in Fort Lauderdale and plans to come back in November to take his son fishing with us.
If your ever in Fort Lauderdale or even plan to make a trip come fish with the YB Normal they have a great professional crew that will do there best to make any trip you book a memorable experience!
more later….
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