Like the title says good fishing day and night, here at the Yb Normal we had a close scare due to hurricane dorian, but everything is ok here and the Ft. Lauderdale fishing is outstanding, we had a few trips this week and had some pretty great catches, we took a great customer of ours out for an all day trip this week David from the Stuart Florida area, we started out trolling with our standard spread of 2 planners down with bonito strips and switches for bait, and a 3 rod surface spread consisting of small squid skirts and strip baits, we began right off the bat getting some nice bites in 200 feet of water from bonito these fish are great fighters but not great on the table still a great fish to catch and plenty of fun, we also caught a few kingfish while trolling one that would almost reach 25lbs or so a great fish!
After trolling for sometime we went to a deep water spot in search of some bottom fish we sent down a multiple hook rig called a chicken rig in search of snapper or grouper the bait we used was one of the bonito that we caught earlier in the trip we filleted it and cut into small pieces, once we hit bottom we were getting bites immediately catch some vermillion snapper and yellowed snapper as well we also landed a small snowy grouper all these fish are excellent table fare and can be cooked a numerous amount of ways. all and all a great trip with tons of different species of fish.

The night fishing has been great after this storm as well and I mean GREAT!! we have been catching a lot of yellowtail snapper as well as mangrove, and lane snappers all great eating too, normally fishing for snapper you freeline small baits with light weights to the fish while chumming but honestly the fishing was better on the bottom, we switched it up and used small weights with around 3feet of leader and a small piece of cut bait and the snapper bite was basically immediately! we have been limiting out on our snapper trips basically every night or at least coming close, although it is fishing and nothing is guaranteed it certainly doesn’t seem to be showing any time of slowing at night.
Anyways great fishing this week and some availability for the next few weeks so if your in the area and looking to do some deep sea fishing check out the YB Normal out of fort Lauderdale florida we have plenty of options to get you out on the water!

Capt Vinnie  954 559 4700