What a great week for us here on the YB Normal out of Fort Lauderdale, we caught some great fish both daytime and night time fishing, we also had some great customers from little kids catching there first fish to some repeat clients that have been coming back for years. Our daytime trips have been steady with some pretty good action we have been catching lots of bonito which are very good fighters but not the best eating fishing, also there has been a few kingfish around to as well as some decent sized blackfin tuna, some of our best action has been coming on the planners using a 2.5inch silver spoon. On our daytime trips when the action is hot we have been catching upwards of 20 fish or so, we have been doing a fair amount of deep water bottom fishing and have been catching some vermillion and yellow eye snapper both fantastic eating and pretty easy to catch on deep wrecks using a multiple hook chicken rig with small cut bait either bonito or squid.
As far as night time fishing goes I think that has been some of the best action we have been getting some really nice snapper and pretty much limiting out on snapper every night, our primary targets are mangrove, mutton, and yellowtail snapper but we have been catching a few red groupers and small porgy. best baits have been silversides or pieces of ballyhoo drifted back to the fish with small hooks and weights, this week we had some great repeat customers that normally fish with us in the daytime but had decided to book a night fishing trip to beat the heat and try there luck, Mark and his friends have been fishing with us the last five years or so and this night trip the conditions were perfect nice current and flat calm seas and did I mention no heat! Mark and his friends had caught some great snappers, a bunch of yellowtail snapper as well as some really nice sized mangrove snapper and some beautiful mutton snappers, I think from now on they will book night trips hahaha, anyways the fishing has been steady in the daytime and excellent at night we have some availability the next few weeks so if your looking to do some fishing check us out all ages welcome!
Capt. Vinnie 954 559 4700

If your looking to do some deep sea fishing in the Fort Lauderdale area check out the YB Normal they have plenty of options to get you out on the water