Today on the YB Normal we had a girls trip 2 girls from Virgina one of them currently lives here, anyways we set sail at 8am sharp with flat calm water and lots of sun it was going to be a hot one, we started out trolling the reef with a typical spread of 2 planners down fishing bonito strips and seawitches, as far as surface baits we decided to change it up with some naked ballyhoos, as soon as we hit the reef the fish were biting we began to catch some nice sized kingfish ranging from 10-12lbs we managed to get our limit of kingfish pretty quickly, we then headed off shore in hopes for something different maybe a tuna or wahoo we need up getting a large bite on the deep planner and it turned out to be a very large barracuda and excellent gamefish they have huge teeth and can bite anything right in half, after talking to the girls they decided we would give a hand at some shark fishing. This time of year off fort Lauderdale shark fishing can be very productive we catch all sorts of sharks from hammerhead to tiger sharks as well as bull sharks, we set the boat up in around 200 feet of water and deployed 2 baits a bottom bait and a mid water bait with in about 15 min our bottom bait had got a bite we put the boat in gear to set the hook and one of the girls went into the fighting chair after about a 45 min battle we could see color and it looked to be a very large animal, the shark we caught was a bull shark very aggressive shark and a hell of a fight! After this epic battle with a giant fish time was running out and we headed back to the dock in the heart of Fort Lauderdale another great trip once again in on the YB Normal.

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