Fishing on the YB Normal out of Fort Lauderdale at night time is a great way to beat the heat of the daytime sun, night time fishing has been absolutely excellent for many different types of snapper which are very very good eating, some of the types of snapper we have been catch include yellowtail, mangrove, mutton snapper, and lane snapper as well as a few red grouper. All of these fish are great eating like I said and they all are great fighters on light tackle, for those of you who are not familiar with night time snapper fishing its a great charter to do, we start by anchoring on the reef located less then a mile offshore of Fort Lauderdale once anchored we chum heavy and after that it is basically a waiting game after around 15-20 you will start to have fish showing up in the chum slick. We like to use light tackle 12-15lb test for the snappers with small hooks and sinkers we put a small piece of cut bait on the hook and cast the bait out and let it sink naturally with the current your trying to make the hooked bait look like a piece of free chum that is going out, snapper are very smart fish and if something doesn’t look correct in your presentation the fish will become spooky and will not bite, once you get a bite you want to reel the fish in as quick as possible because sharks know as much as we do that snapper are good eating and if you take your time to fight the fish the sharks will eat it, in my opinion it is quite exciting to be reeling in a snapper and a shark chase it boat side, on these trips we are basically getting our legal limit of fish every night, anyways if your looking for something different to try in fort Lauderdale as far as deep sea fishing goes try going at night and beat the heat….

more later capt. vinnie

If your in Fort Lauderdale and your looking for a Sportfishing charter check out the YB Normal its always a great option!!!!