Today on the YB Normal out of beautiful Fort Lauderdale Florida we had a great group of local guys from broward and dade county that had chartered us for an all day fishing trip consisting of 8 hours! We left the dock around 8am and made a quick stop on the way out to get some live bait for later in our trip we headed out the inlet out to the whistle bouy which is located 1 mile from the beautiful fort lauderdale beach coast, we started out trolling with planners and bonito strips down and a few feather and popping lures on the surface we made quick work of the kingfish that were biting and biting good, we caught 4 nice sized kings right away and a bonito which is a great game fish but not very good table fair we use them for strip baits, while trolling one of our lines had gotten a bite and it was a big fish for sure after a 10 min battle it turned out to be one of the biggest kingfish we have caught in a while it was 36lbs this size fish is called a smoker becuse of how fast there runs are and the amount of line they can take off a reel in seconds, after boating that fish we continued to keep trolling catching a few more nice sized kingfish, we then headed offshore in hopes of some blackfin tuna but we didnt have much luck due to the heavy current and lots of seaweed everywhere, this year has been one of the worst years for seaweed we have ever had, it makes alot of work for the first mate in order to keep the baits clean, we were heading south towards miami to fish a deep ship wreck in hopes of something big we rigged up one of our live baits and had to use a heavy lead to hold bottom due to the heavy currents i was marking lots of fish on the fish finder and as soon as we hit the bottom we had gotten a huge bite i pulled the boat away from the shipwreck and the anglers began to reel this monster of a fish in after a 15 min hard battle a very large sized amberjack surfaced this fish are known for there hard fighting abilities, the fish was around 35lbs a very nice sized fish after this we decided to use some of our live baits and try our luck at some kitefishing, kitefishing is a great way to catch any time of gamefish that eats other fish, we set up in 250 feet of water and while kitefishing the fishing kite keeps the baits on the surface splashing around it is a very visual type of fishing were you normally see the predator strike.
We set up with 2 kites and 4 baits total we had a nice drift going due to the current speed, after about 40 min of waiting i could see a dark shape on our long left kite bait we waited for the fish to take the bait and a began to reel to come tight with the fish immediately the fish came up jumping this was a trophy size sailfish, this was one of the biggest sailfish i have ever seen in fort Lauderdale this fish was close to 100lbs, the fish was crazy and was fighthing like he had been hooked before we battled this fish for over an hour rotating anglers to keep pressure on the fish after a long battle we landed the fish and brought him aboard for some nice pics and memories, we safely released him to fight another day, everyone was head over heels smiles from ear to ear and showing pictures and videos to there friends, we were basically out of time and started to head back another great deep sea fishing trip on the YB Normal out of Fort Lauderdale Florida, as i backed the YB Normal into the slip we tied her up and had everyone get off the boat and we took the fish out and got some pictures.

The other picture we have here is a friend of ours bobby who had chartered us a few days ago and he killed the fish he had a grea time catching kingfish blackfin tuna and some bonito, we caught so many fish for him he was tired and ready to go back early imagine that

Well if you are ever in the Fort Lauderdale area and looking for one of the best in the business check out the YB Normal Sportfishing always good laughs great times and plenty of fish stories!!

Capt. Vinnie