Fort Lauderdale fishingThis week on the YB normal deep sea fishing charters as been a very busy one we have been fishing everyday, there has been tons of great catches this week the bite has been best on the reef trolling planners with seawitches and bonito strips, the reefs are less than one mile off the beach of fort lauderdale which is one of the reasons why its is a great place for deep sea fishng, we have been catching lotf of nice sized kingfish on our deep lines the fish have been ranginig from 5-30lbs, also on the reef there has been lots of bonito which are great fighters but mostly used for bait, there has also been the occasional barracuda which is an excellent game fish and has very large teeth, there has been a few sailfish as well, a lttle bit deeper arounf 200-400 feet of water there has been very nice sized blackfin tunas and some big ones almost to 30lbs, these tunas really love live bait like pilchards, or goggle eyes, but they will eat trolled baits they prefer baits further away from the boat because the boat tends to scare them, most of the tunas we have been catching have been on our deeper lines using small drone spoons, also there has been a few mahi mahi or dolphin of shore but they have not been steady one day they are here another day gone, they should begin to bite as we approach summer time, as i stated earlier this week was very busy for us here at the YB Normal and the fishing has been very good so hopefully if you have some intrest in fishing feel free to check us out. more later….